What Peloton Instructors Eat In A Day?

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When it comes to Peloton and food, you may think about the best things to eat before & after exercising. As a peloton user, you might be wondering what those peloton instructors eat to get through an entire day of exertion.

There’s been a lot of debate about how to fuel properly before and during a workout. Peloton instructor Matt Wilpers swears by the banana, calling it “bringing a snacky snack along.”

Other instructors recommend eating more protein-heavy dishes or snacks after cycling.

However, as none of the instructors are registered dietitians it is not advised that they offer you or me any nutritional counseling. They would be remiss if they were to recommend a Peloton diet plan or plan for meals.

They leave that up to the rider. It is therefore up to the rider to have an understanding of what they are consuming on the bike and how that might be affecting their body.

Does Peloton Have An Online Nutrition Program?

It’s best to have a nutrition plan if you’re cycling. This will help you get the results that you want and save energy. Does Peloton have an online nutrition program?

The peloton doesn’t have any official nutrition programs but there are tips for you to better handle the workout and nutrition, which are shared during the class.

Food And Peloton

It’s important to know your workout routine before choosing a specific diet. If you’re going to do Peloton, what kind of food can you eat? The best pre-and post-workout snacks will energize your body for the best possible performance.

What To Eat Before a Peloton Ride?

  • Lemon-flavored Gatorade
  • A banana
  • An oatmeal raisin cookie
  • A protein bar

A bottle of water before, a piece of fruit, or a glass of milk after is an easy and tasty way to fuel your body while you work out.

What To Eat After a Peloton Ride?

After a hard ride, focus on quality protein, carbs, and protein within one hour of your workout to have the best recovery possible.

You should eat a carbohydrate-rich meal or snack that includes something sweet to provide some simple sugars for your insulin levels to naturally increase and then decrease in response to eating.

Protein Requirement For Peloton

In order to maintain muscle protein synthesis and preserve as much muscle as possible while on the peloton diet, eat around 2-2.4g of protein per kg per day when you’re at your goal weight.

I’ve realized that I’m more satisfied with my eating habits when I start the day with a protein-packed breakfast. I’ve tried several experiments where, instead of going for toasts, I ate protein-rich meats.

You can achieve weight loss goals faster by adding foods that are high in protein to your diet. Not only will you get to the goal quicker, but you’ll also be preserving your lean body and preventing weight regain.

What Does Peloton Instructor Ally Love Eat?

Ally has some of the best jobs we’ve seen and if you’re a Peloton fan, you’ll know her as one of the cycling instructors.

If you have never ridden a stationary bike before, you might know their founder and CEO as Love Squad. A lifestyle brand that promotes empowering women to be their best version of themselves.

And even if that wasn’t enough, you might have seen her hosting the Brooklyn Nets Courtside and hyping up the crowd. So how does the 34year-old stay fueled and focused for all of her different roles?

Ally Love has a simple philosophy: “I eat three meals a day and one dessert.


In the morning, she’ll drink a BODYARMOR SportWater as soon as she gets up. This is normally around 5:45 am in the morning. Afterward, she will go to her early morning workout at home which starts around 6:30 am.

The days start earlier for her because after the workout is finished, her body needs something more power-packed.

After my workout, I’ll usually have celery juice or green juice around 7:45 a.m. and then start breakfast at 8:15 am or 8:30 am with things like almond-based Kite Hill yogurt + banana, avocado toast w/ an egg on top for protein, or steel-cut oats w/ almonds & fruit.

Love may sometimes swap her smoothie for a protein shake, made of plain yogurt, vegan protein powder & a little coconut water blended up.

After that, she always carries some tea with her. She’ll drink it while on the move throughout the morning, either while breaking quarantine or even on her way to Peloton studios.

“To stay focused and energized for the long day ahead, I’ll usually have an apple with a little bit of almond butter or a handful of mixed nuts- which are both healthy yet filling options to keep me going till lunchtime.”


“For lunch, I normally have a Sakara Life salad around 11:45 a.m12:45 p.m.” Love loves the healthy lunch options because it’s all locally sourced from raw ingredients like vegetables and meat – with no added sugars or preservatives.

When she’s on the go, Love often stops by Sweetgreen to pick up a salad or grain bowl.

The new crispy rice salad from this fast-food place is vegan but tastes amazing. The Crispy Rice Salad made up of crispy rice is topped with avocado, tofu, tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, and lime with a citrus dressing.


“I’ll have a young coconut water around 2 p.m. and if I’m really hungry, I’ll sometimes have another one in the evening.”

“Typically, I have a snack of cucumber or carrots with hummus around 4:15 pm. My favorite is probably lemon-pepper hummus!”


For dessert, I would either have a doughnut – glazed as my favorite – or a Vanilla Kite Hill yogurt. As she points out, these are two common healthy options for dessert.

‘On weekends I’ll usually make lemon blueberry pancakes for breakfast, and have a doughnut in the evening’. And don’t even try to call these ‘cheat meals’ because she doesn’t believe in that.

What Does Peloton Instructor Emma Lovewell Eat?

Emma Lovewell has worked as a fitness author, Pilates instructor, professional dancer, and more. She resides on Martha’s Vineyard.

As a Peloton instructor and general fitness professional, Emma Lovewell has always been mindful of how her diet impacts her body and performance.

Emma Lovewell made an important point- adding more plant-based foods to your diet doesn’t have to be hard. She advised newbies to “start small”, sticking with just one or two substitutions at a time.

Crush Your Core Program

Peloton has teamed up with Emma Lovewell, a fitness coach, and a 4-week program to help you strengthen your core. The “peloton crush your core” program is designed to focus on stability, flexibility, strength, and endurance.


A morning smoothie with a banana, frozen berries, Kite Hill yogurt, almond milk, spinach, and blended together is an easy way to get healthy fruits & vegetables in your diet. You won’t even taste them!


I like to eat Kite Hill yogurts as a snack, and their spreadable cheeses are great too and work great as a snack.

I’ve also been able to get creative with recipes for Kite Hill products. I’ve made an overnight oats recipe and a savory yogurt, grain bowl recipe.


Grain bowls are a great option if you are looking for something that is quick and filling, but still healthy. I like to think of them as an “add-in” meal because it’s not just rice or quinoa or barley. You get to choose what kind of grains and veggies you want to include in your bowl!

You can use any protein source for a grain bowl(Salmon, Lean red meat, or chicken).

The beauty of a grain bowl is its versatility, so get creative and enjoy! About vegetables: use whatever you have handy in the fridge.

What Does Peloton Instructor Leanne Hainsby Eat?

Having established her dance career within the UK, 33-year-old Leanne Hainsby has joined Peloton. Before her time at Peloton, she was an independent dancer that regularly worked with the likes of Taylor Swift and Katy Perry.

Leanne Hainsby is dating fellow Peloton Instructor Ben Alldis who recently gave up his job to follow his dreams of being a fitness guru.


Making her signature protein shake takes less than two minutes to make, but it leaves you feeling full & satisfied. It’s packed with tons of nutrients!

Even though Hainsby usually sticks to healthy eating during the week, on the weekends she’s all about home-cooked breakfasts – specifically pancakes.

Leanne’s vegan shake recipe for those who are interested.

It has 2 scoops of protein, ½ banana, a handful of frozen blueberries, a teaspoon of almond butter, and enough oat milk to top it up.


Leanne is a big fan of including Kimchi(One of Korea’s most popular dishes as it can be made with a variety of vegetables, garlic, ginger, and salt)with her meals. Lentils, Kale, and Brown rice with Broccoli.

Afternoon Snacks can also include a chocolate and coconut bar. She includes a variety of protein in her lunch and dinner with more focus on including organic greens like broccoli, parsley, kale, Iceberg lettuce, and more. Outside of Peloton Universe she also enjoys pizza and green juices.

Live Dirty Eat Clean

Does Peloton Increase Appetite?

Peloton does make you hungry( but not right away). Long term, it induces hunger in a manner similar to caloric-restriction diets. It boosts energy deficit without triggering compensatory effects on appetite.

However, the long-term presence of high-volume training produces a negative effect on appetite.

The more you train, the more calories you burn. And with an increased calorie deficit and increased hunger for food, your weight loss will be boosted in the long run.

The more you train, the better your body becomes at burning fat for fuel. And if you’re trying to lose weight, you’ll need your body to rely on fat for energy. So if your goal is to reduce body fat and ultimately look leaner and meaner, then training with a high volume of work is key.

Peloton Diet

Eating foods high in protein and fiber is a crucial part of a healthy diet. Alongside these, it’s important to include calcium-rich foods, fresh fruits, and vegetables as well as salty or sweet snacks like nuts.

Eating a variety of these helps balance the right amount of macro and micronutrients, and electrolytes and prevents nutrient deficiencies.

Consume healthy fats like avocado, seeds, nuts, and oily fish. Eating high-quality protein sources like chicken, turkey, beef, and salmon.

Some of the best sources of micronutrients in the diet are greens and fruit. The best way to consume these is in salads and fresh fruit.

Vitamins and minerals are substances that can be absorbed from our food that help us to metabolize fats, proteins, and carbohydrates, and produce energy.

They also allow for normal growth and the ability to take on more demanding tasks

The Final Verdict

I’ve been on the Peloton bike in the past. But, as a personal trainer, while I would love to look like an instructor, I don’t teach exercise classes for a living. Therefore, having their body or following their Peloton and food plan just doesn’t make sense to me.

However, the fact that most vegans still prioritized protein levels when cycling but had to adjust their food intake to accommodate for it may highlight how important that macronutrient is when exercising regularly.

However, the fact that most instructors identified protein as a priority that was beneficial to exercising frequently is exciting.

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