How to Get Leaner Muscles and a Toned Body Faster?

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What does being leaner mean? Is that some kind of a new concept? I would say that this concept has been with us since the very beginning and changed it to a sophisticated word termed “aesthetics”. We would come back to that in a minute.

Let’s start by answering what does leaner actually means

” Leaner means having muscles that do not have a lot of fat around or within it. Muscles are more prominent due to body fat percentage falling in single digits”

Getting leaner isn’t something that’s gonna happen overnight. Usually, the beginners run into the problem of getting into too many details without focusing on the basics. Don’t worry we will answer those concerns as well.

Beginners Journey to Leaner Muscles And a Toned Body Faster

For the first few years, when you are training in a gym. Try to harmonize with your body first. Make that muscle and mind connection first.

Your goals in the first two years should be

  • Putting on as much muscle mass as possible
  • Get as strong as you possibly can

You guys would be wondering okay that sounds crazy easy right!. No that is just the basics consider these tips as a stepping stone for much bigger goals. After doing the above you would be able to stand in front of a mirror and would likely be impressed by what’s in front of you.

Start motivating yourself and would love the process. Make an aim whether it is to add another 20 pounds to your bench presses or lean muscles.

Sometimes it’s the journey that teaches you a lot about your destination

You have to be in one with your journey. It’s the process you have to love if it’s getting as leaner as possible then whatever the journey to that goal is love it and be one with it.

Leaner muscles and toned body

Improving your Aesthetics and Health

So you are way past 2-3 Years of training you have now progressed to an Intermediate Trainer. Now at this point, you have to see the bigger picture. Don’t just assume you are gonna add more muscles by just putting more plates or lifting a heavier pair of dumbbells from your gym racks.

As you move forward the number of muscles that you can put on with a lot of effort gets diminished quite significantly.

Here your goals harmonize with your efforts. If you want to get leaner with great body symmetry. You have to focus on your workout schedule, intensity, diet planning, etc.

You have to focus on key points from now on

  • Staying healthy will be of prime importance at this stage
  • Improve your muscles strength
  • Improve your overall Aesthetics and body proportions

Incorporate all of these together if you act smartly with a goal in your mind.

Leaner muscles

Getting Leaner and Body Aesthetics

So the new internet sensation is the word “Aesthetics“. What does “Aesthetic” mean?

” It simply means visual attractiveness that catches everyone’s attention”.

It’s not a mere show of brute size but asymmetry and harmony between your body muscles. Does getting leaner automatically guarantee you good body aesthetics?

I would say not really, there is more to this concept than just taking fat out of your body tissues and poping those muscles.

I have seen gym dudes focusing on getting those arms bigger because that is the mindset. The bigger your arms are the more you get noticed. In getting those bigger arms they forget about the biggest muscles in their bodies ” The Quads”.

Sculpting your ideal body requires understanding your body’s weaknesses.

  • What muscles need more attention?
  • Do I have smaller traps?
  • Are my arms in proportion to my thighs?
  • Do I have an underdeveloped core that is not an eye-catcher?

The leaner you get, the more you need to focus on getting the right symmetry for your body.

Role of Body Genetics in Getting Leaner and Strong Muscles

Some guys are blessed to have great body genetics. While most of you find yourself doing everything to perfection. A guy comes into the gym and grabs all the attention with the perfect body.

When you look at his usual routine he would be doing much less effort than you are but he is getting better results due to his gifted genetics.

That doesn’t mean you give up and start blaming your body. Accept your weaknesses and make them your strength. See that weakness as an opportunity and not something to blame.

If you need to work on a particular muscle for instance getting that 3D shoulder look. Try working your delts to harmonize them with your big arms.

Some people shed more weight quicker than others and for some people, they get in the drench and end their journey. Always remember to stick to what your body can or can’t achieve. Have realistic expectations and work on it.

How Much Lean Muscle Can You Build Naturally?

Try not to worry about getting leaner if you have just started lifting recently. This will lead you to develop unrealistic expectations. The goal is to start simple and then keep on transitioning to higher peaks.

Try to train harder and eat right before you take on bigger challenges. Not all of us are gonna turn out bodybuilders or fitness models.

There are certain body limitations that we need to overcome. Try to get big first and leaner afterward. You can strategize to build enough muscles and worry about proportions and body fat percentages later.

There is no evidence and hard facts to tell that how much muscle can you gain exactly? However, there are some results that you can expect based on the number of years of training

Years into TrainingMuscle Gain
1 Year20 – 25 pounds Approx
2-3 Year12- 18 pounds Approx
4 and more2-4 Pounds Approx

While many will argue that this isn’t absolute and I have seen many people achieve higher muscle mass in less time. I wouldn’t deny it because they are right to some extent. There are certainly other factors like

  • Rep management
  • Consistency
  • Rest Periods
  • Injuries and Issues
  • Intensity

There is no definite formula to check how much leaner, stronger, or fit you will get. All you have to do is do your part correctly. Try to have some patience and hard work to accompany that.

What to Eat to Get Leaner Muscles and Toned Body ?

So in this part let us explain what you should or shouldn’t eat. Eating good and at right time sums up your journey towards getting leaner.

To gain muscle without consuming protein is inevitable, but carbohydrates and healthy fats are also primary sources of energy.

If your goal is to get leaner muscles, you should focus on eating more calories each day from foods packed with nutritional content.

Below are some Food Sources to help you sustain that healthy lifestyle while achieving leaner muscles.


Eggs contain high-quality protein and healthy fats. Amino acids are the backbone for building proteins, and eggs contain most of the amino acid leucine, important for muscle gain. Also, B vitamins make sure the body’s cells are executing proper functions.

They help in the conversion of food into energy, production of new blood cells, and maintaining skin, brain, and other cells.

Chicken Breast

Chicken Breasts are an important staple for building leaner muscles. Low in fat content as compared to other parts. An 85 gm of chicken breasts serve about 26 gm of Protein.

A high Protein diet containing chicken also helps in fat loss. Some Healthy B Vitamins like Niacin help you stay active.

Greek Yogurt

Dairy products are not known only for high protein contents but also contain Casein and Whey protein.

Greek Yogurt is not like your regular yogurt, it almost doubles down on protein servings. It can serve as a healthy snack after a workout or before hitting the bed. It is highly recommended because of a combination of fast and slow-digesting proteins.

Lean Beef

Lean mass for Leaner muscles in simple words. Best high packed protein source at your disposal.

Opt for lean ground beef, just the right amount of calories, and Protein for Muscle building. The nutritional content for 95% lean beef contains more proteins and less fat they 60-70% lean beef. So choose your meat with caution.

Soy Beans

The soybean is one of a large family of plants called legumes. Legumes tend to be higher in protein than other plant foods – in fact, the mature soybean is about 42-percent protein, 33-percent carbohydrate, 20-percent oil, and 5-percent hull.

At 90-percent protein, isolated soy protein is the most concentrated form of soy protein. Manufacturers make most isolated soy protein using water to extract sugar from de-fatted soy flakes. The protein is then precipitated and dried.


Beans contain around 15 gm of protein per cup. They are also an excellent source of fiber and a good source of minerals like Magnesium, Iron, and Phosphorus.

For a plant-based protein, definitely consider beans. They prevent the body from different illnesses.


A great choice for building leaner muscles because of the high protein content of about 17gm in 85gm of serving. It also comes with Omega 3 Fatty Acids that are known for improving metabolism and are good for fat loss as well.


You need carbs as an energy source. It’s not some crazy protein drive ahead of you. You need to start your engine to keep moving and Carbs help you sustain your energy level.

Quinoa is a great source of carbs with healthy fibers and protein. Magnesium in Quinoa helps improve motor control and muscle functions. Improves muscle coordination during every movement you perform.

Peanut Butter

Diets rich in peanut butter prevent heart disease by lowering levels of bad LDL cholesterol and controlling body weight. For healthy growing bodies peanut butter is essential.

Eating peanuts can balance out your caloric requirements, in case you fell short of your daily intake.


So I will conclude my findings by saying, Your goal should be progressive and based on a strategy. Advancement in your Training regime will come from years of training.

Even the professionals that you idealize may still be sculpting themselves for a leaner and aesthetic physique. It’s a never-ending battle between your mind and body.

What’s pleasing to you might be a no-go for everyone else. Know your limitations before you set a goal. There is so much that you can overcome and need dedication to achieve your desired aesthetics.

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