How Do Prisoners Get So Big In Jail?

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“We are all prisoners but some of us are in cells with windows and some without.”

Khalil Gibran

How do Prisoners get so big in jail? Most of you will conclude “Roids” for sure!. Don’t get on a judgment too quickly as somehow they overperform better than most of us do in our lifetime. Prison life is hard with no room for weakened souls. You need to buck yourself up for an experience that pounds you harder than any other trauma that you might have endured in your life.

So How do Inmates survive such hostility while upholding a persona of being “JACKED AF”!!. How do they get so big without proper nutrition? How do inmates get so big without weights? All of these questions might be echoing in your memory. They are achieving goals that many of us have only dreamed of, huge arms, jacked bodies, and perfect aesthetics.

The secret lies in their routine. Routine you hear Right!!. You might be wondering HELL NO! I have a better routine, diet plan, access to better equipment, and a trainer. Then why do we see a lot of people still rambling about not getting their ideal physiques?

I will drill down on some of the interesting facts that you guys might have skipped or never popped inside anyone’s mind. What are they and How do they help them stay focused as well as maintain their bad guy reputation intact?

How do Inmates Get So big In Jail?

How do Inmates Get So big In Jail?

Some of the major reasons behind prisoners getting huge are their high amount of bodyweight training, training regularity, a well-balanced diet, high testosterone levels, low stress, and maximum sleep duration.

The main distinction lies in their daily regimen, I will provide a detailed explanation of the basic techniques of how to achieve such physiques.

Don’t Worry! You don’t have to get yourself imprisoned to get in their shoes. It is more about stepping into their mindset.

Why Are Prisoners So Jacked?

Working out regularly in prison is necessary because weak guys have no options but to get stabbed and overwhelmed and sometimes even killed. Weak people don’t manage very well in jails, so you got to get your body to a point where you are physically prepared for any such event.

You have no bills to worry about. You don’t need to be at work. No need for doing groceries. You’re being fed with someone else doing the work of providing the food and cleaning up, and you have the availability of free or very low-cost medical care if you have any injury.

While doing work can build muscles, there is plenty of time to go to the yard and hit the weight pile. There are some long-term offenders who are masters of strength training, with years and years of doing proper training and techniques, and often, fascinatingly, the bond of operating toward improvement is far more important in jail.

Why Are Prisoners So Muscular?

Prisoners are usually muscular because they are often active during their time. They lift weights, exercise, and maintain a healthy diet. This is part of the reason why some people think that prisoners have an advantage over normal citizens in being so fit.

Getting physically fit in prison essentially keeps you at the top of the food chain and, if you’re a non-affiliate prisoner, it is essential for you to stay at the top of the food chain. It not only helps to preserve one’s looks but also is a life savior.

In prison, inmates have a very rigorous exercise regimen. This is because they often have little to do, and get bored easily. They also get more food in jail than on the outside. Inmates get 3 meals a day whereas most people get 2. Inmates also get breakfast which is usually a healthy meal like oatmeal or eggs.

How do inmates get big without weights

How Do Prisoners Get So Big Without Food In Jail?

The truth is, prisoners, eat their so-called “bad” meals like a beast and work out with monstrosity, what else is there to do at the prison for yourself? It’s literally that simple.

  • Never having been challenged
  • Not testing ourselves

Most of us are now vulnerable, but unlike people in the not-too-distant past, even if we consumed way too much poor food, most of us have the base of developed bones and organs.

In Jail, you are tested to your very core with the thought of any moment could be your last.

Unlike an individual who grew up weak and slightly malnourished might find it harder to put on bulk muscle. Someone who is an adequately nourished young person of today, who hits the weight can put on more muscles and much faster.

Most of the inmates that get imprisoned are well-nourished so, when challenged they can achieve serious gains.

How Do Prisoners Get So Big Without Weights?

How do prisoners get so big without weights? Why are prisoners so Jacked?
Visualization on how do prisoners get so big without weights

No Room for Weakness

A newbie in prison is just like a helpless person who is being surrounded by a pack of sharks in the middle of the ocean. That’s what it feels like in prison for the first time. You are left with just two choices:

  • Play a Victim’s role
  • Act like a Badass

Establishing Dominance from the very first day helps prisoners to stay alive in a hostile environment. Power posing helps in promoting the natural release of testosterone in the body which ultimately leads to Better energy levels and more genuine muscle gain.


High Testosterone Levels

Most of the prisoners have a higher testosterone level due to their Infamous image of being a bad boy and never having a care-in-the-world attitude. Most of you are uninformed of the purpose of high testosterone levels in personality development.

Source Citation: PMC

There is evidence that testosterone levels are higher in individuals with aggressive behavior, such as prisoners who have committed violent crimes. In more sensitive laboratory paradigms, it has been observed that participant’s testosterone rises in the winners of; competitions, dominance trials, or in confrontations with factitious opponents

A place like a jail can stumble a person into hopelessness and anxiety. Testosterone helps to improve mood swings and serves as an anti-depressant. It is accountable for an increase in muscle mass. Leaner body volume helps control weight and boosts energy. Inmates need to find every bit of strength to survive such a cruel environment, the more the better.


Compound Exercises

Instead of focusing on getting muscle definitions, they try to train heavy and increase muscle strength and get beefy.

With no access to state-of-the-art modern-day equipment, most inmates stick to performing compound movements. They rely on performing bodyweight exercises such as


Consistency and Dedication

Consistency and Dedication are key to achieving success, but are you determined enough to keep the diet and workout routine? We lack consistency and dedication towards our workout and diet.

Prisoners live a scheduled life. They wake up and sleep at a scheduled time every day. The day for inmates starts at about 4:30 am and they have to perform their detailed job for 7-8 Hours consistently before they could hand on their second meal of the day. Some tasks are so tedious that you should have a strong back and strength to perform them consistently.


The Heavier The Better

Unlike normal folks, an inmate’s only intention is to instill fear and look huge. Having those huge monstrous arms with a height that might showcase you as a dwarf

Watch those monsters shift those weights when it comes to lifting heavier. There will always be an inmate that would lift crazily heavy setting up benchmarks that everyone wants to surpass. Lift heavy or go home never made more sense than being behind bars.


Eat Right To Lift Right

There are expert dietitians who create the menus for the inmates. If they consume everything present on the table, they will have a balanced diet.

The recipes may not be the best in the business and food is being produced in huge quantities for consumption in a confined window, quality suffers but the essential nutrients for a balanced diet are present.

In addition to that food, they have access to freshly grown vegetables also. Inmates purchase additional food items from stores every day. Persistence is all it takes to develop a great body.

One famous item in the convict store is protein drinks of several types and supplements. Prisoners who work or have money sent in can purchase these supplements in more than desired quantities and trade items like cheese, milk, and meat.


“Roids” Perhaps

Well, we shouldn’t zone out this factor from the equation. Steroids or Roids that people refer to as miracle body-building drugs. Inmates mostly are not unknown to the world of drug usage. Most of them are doing time because of their illicit use of drugs or involvement in its movement across borders.

Most of them have easy access to them or might be using some infamous drugs that come without prescriptions. The effects might kick in later in the stage where the true potential of drugs gets shown. Prisons nowadays are very strict in adhering to rules when it comes to drugs especially Anabolics used for muscle building.

However, Inmates are sketchy and may get their hands on these illicit drugs by unusual means. It’s not like a movie scene in a reality where you can corrupt guards by bribing them in kind or in cash.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Pushups Do Prisoners Do A Day?

As the Telegraph put it, Charles Bronson does about 2,000 push-ups per day. This is well beyond what most people could do in the time they have each day so you’ll need to learn some more advanced variations.

Why Is Jail Food So Bad?

One significant reason why prison food is so bad is because of the limitations on budgetary resources. It’s expensive to feed a lot of people, especially when it’s taxpayers footing the bill.

How Much Exercise Do Prisoners Get?

The prison rules require that prisoners undergo at least an hour of physical exercise per week (over 21s) and two hours on average for young adults (under 21s).

The Judgement

Prisoners dedicate themselves, not just for a few months but for years, to get huge and muscular. Scheduled sleeping and eating patterns keep them committed. Routine exercise every day for 1-2 hours ensure they stay fit and strong. They are free from otherworldly troubles that a normal person would find hard to cope with.

If any free man out there is able to dedicate himself just like the way prisoners do. They can turn their goals into achievable targets, just like these inmates.

Even though, inmates get it the hard way. They don’t have the same possibilities that you do. Most of the time they’re not able to get huge even with weights. But you can. While you are free and have access to every opportunity out there, Try to grab it.

I’d watched too many schoolmates graduate into mental institutions, into group homes and jails, and I knew that locking people up was paranormal – against normal, not beside it. Locks didn’t cure; they strangled.

Scott Westerfeld, The Last Days

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