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The title is really engaging, right? The Best Triceps and Biceps Workout. Well, you can’t specify any workout to be the absolute best when there is so much content out there. Everyone rates their work and form as the absolute best.

Not every trick in the book works globally, Body Genetics and certain other factors like personalized goals, etc vary from person to person.

You’re in the gym, look around. Do you see a lot of the guys with huge arms? Lots of them,
right? Many of you just work until they can’t lift their arms anymore, which forces in enough blood to create a great “pump” but does nothing to add mass.

Lift Heavier with Great Form


Types of Arms that Roughly Fits Everyone

Let us start off by keeping an experienced eye on your genetics. So there are typically 4 types of arms that one can have. It all depends on the different insertion points of your Biceps and Triceps and they can have various shapes in relation to your shoulders and forearm

Focus on your weakened genetics to gain a more defined look at your arms.

To craft, those huge arms take a good look and then assess which type belongs to you and address them methodically. Try creating a strategy and set of movements for both biceps and triceps. Visualize them carefully and get a good mind and muscle connection

The Tricep

As the name auto resonates tri means “three”, meaning it has three heads/connections. The long head runs at a length down your arm close to the body. It gives your arm a bulky look.

The lateral head runs along the side of your arm based on body genetics and gives your arm a 3d look. It can also create a gap if not worked properly will make your arm look smaller.

Lastly, the medial head is just above the elbow and contributes a round appearance when you do a double bicep pose. It gives your tricep solidity, durability, and stability.

Best workout for Triceps

The Bicep

The Bicep comprises two heads/connections mainly. The long head comes on the outside of your arm next to the lateral part of the triceps. The 2nd head(shorthead) is inside your arm.

The long head gives stability to holders and gives them a peaked look. In the above picture, Arm A has a more peaked look due to a strong long head and Arm B has a more flat peak.

Prioritize Your Arms If you Consider them Weak

Don’t be afraid of hitting your arms a lot if they are weak. They are the most used muscles and are in constant simulation in whatever workout you try. Try to focus on the weak aspects of your arms, it could be your lateral tricep head that gives your arm that 3d look.

Your arms are considerably a smaller group of muscles unlike your back and can recover more quickly than for example your back. Try hitting them hard for sure and give them a considerable drubbing.

Try to strategize yourself and focus on heads that are genetically weak. The goal is to work smarter with a strategy.

What Makes a Complete Rep?

So you have heard this Rep word a lot, you can call it a slang word for gym dudes. So what is a Rep?

You can categorize Rep as a 3 step process that we perform on a daily basis:

  1. The concentric(Positive) e.g during a bicep curl the upward motion of contracting the bicep
  2. Isometric(Pause after contraction) e.g when your bicep is fully contracted a little pause at the peak contraction
  3. The Eccentric(Negative) e.g when you are bringing your arm back to where you started or you can say the stationary state

In this way, you can devise your own range of complex or simple motions to keep your muscle confused. You can try a combination of these moves. A slow negative means to keep the tension on the muscle with a strong positive means to contract that muscle to feel all that pressure on it.

Best Workouts for Triceps

The Lateral Head

The lateral head is worked best with arms at the side of your body and an overhead grip. The exercises to stimulate this head all start from the top and ending up with your hands behind the torso. Some examples of these exercises are close grip bench press, Kick Backs and press down dips.

The Medial Head

The medial head is best utilized with your arms at the side and your palms are supinated. Reverse grip press downs, rope pushdown, and dips can stimulate your medial head. These are some great compound exercises and serve as finishers

The Long Head

This Tricep head is usually activated with arms above your head. When your arms are above your shoulders joints then you can easily stimulate the long head. French Press, Skull Crushers, Decline extensions with EZ bar. Exercises like these are good compounds movement and let you achieve volume and a good pump.

Different grips explained in this article Image Courtesy:

Exercises to stimulate all 3 Tricep Heads

Close Grip Bench Press

Your grip should be about shoulder wide. Lower the bar just right under the chest and elbows tucked to the sides. When you want to complete the rep, think of tucking your elbows inside together to complete the movement.

Image Credit:

Kick Backs

This is one of the exercises that will give you some insane pump if done right. In this exercise, your focus should be on the right form and not the weight. Grab as much less weight as you can.

The trick is to keep a high elbow and behind the torso throughout the exercise.

Single Arm Supinated Pushdowns

This movement is a bit advanced but the goal is to keep a good posture. This exercise requires a cable and a more neutral grip. The goal is to keep your body away from the pulley and pulling the cable across your body

Rope Push Down

Keep an upright posture and try to bend at the hips just slightly. Push the rope downwards not back. This exercise engages your lateral head and a good form will ensure that you get the maximum efficiency out of it.
Do not let your tricep fully lengthen during the movement. Try to keep the tension on the muscle at all times.

Classic Weighted Dips

Dips are the most engaging exercise for the triceps overall. The key to performing dips is actually keeping an upright chest and good posture. Keep a neutral spine position and bend your knees, to keep a slight forward tilt. Keep elbows tucked into your sides.

Lower your body to form a 90-degree angle with your arms. Add some weights to give your tricep some beating.

Dumbell Skull Crushers

Elbows above your shoulder joints, wide stance of arms for stability. Your elbows should be in line with your eyes for visual perspective and a good form. Pust the dumbells straight up and when the long head gets active the negative should be slow. You can also perform this exercise do skull using a V or straight Bar

Best Workouts for Biceps

The Short Head

The short head for the bicep is best activated with your arms in front of your body. Elevating your elbow above the shoulder joint will result in maximum contraction of the bicep, with more pronounced results. An example of such exercise is Preacher curls using dumbbells or a bar.

The Long Head

The long head is what gives your biceps those peaks. This head is activated with your arms at the side and doing supination with wrists. Elevating your elbow above the shoulder joint as explained above will give you much superior contraction.

Lifting heavy is not a goal, good form with lighter weight can do wonders. In this form, you might not get enough momentum because of less strength from the short head but that is okay. Focus on supinating your wrists.


You don’t have many options here so opt for hammer curls. If you want that bulky and thick arms do them with the same form explained above with your elbows above your shoulder joint. For this movement use a rather neutral grip.


Try holding dumbbells with your thumb and forefinger touching the weight to add extra resistance when you supinate your wrist.

Single Arm Dumbbell Preacher Curls

The key movement for this exercise is keeping your arm at a steep elevation to get tension in your bicep. Try visualizing an upward motion rather than curling the dumbbell handle towards you. Lift the handle straight up and u will feel a much more pronounced contraction.

Incline Curls on Bench

Set your bench at an incline position, not to compromise on your shoulder position. This exercise is one of the best exercises that you can perform if done right. Your bench should be reclined enough just to support your back and shoulders.

When bringing the dumbbell upward do the same visualization as explained above. Focusing on dumbbell handle to come straight up rather than a curling motion.

Cross Body Hammer Curls

The key focus should be your elbows right below your shoulders. This movement will isolate your bicep and will make it harder to execute. Don’t broaden your elbows when it gets tough, remember to keep pounding it harder to achieve results.

Alternating Dumbbell Curls

Use no momentum from your body, don’t try to swing your body to generate momentum. You need to isolate your biceps. Same form not to curl but visualizing to lift the dumbbell handle straight up.

For additional resistance use the above tip for gripping.

Drag Curls with V or Straight Bar

Pin your elbows to the side as you do for triceps. Move your chest forward, keep those wrists straight. Don’t bend it or else you will perform a wrist curl. Do a narrow grip to avoid unnecessary tension on your wrist.

Drag curls best workout for biceps long head

Crucifix Curls

Elbows above your shoulder joints. Do the same form and grab the handles with the forefinger and thumb touching it. Try to pull your fists to the top of your head. Don’t change your elbow position or else you will lose tension and contraction on your biceps.

One of the exercises you can do to enhance your arm strength is a crucifix curl. This exercise will work your biceps and triceps.

Crucifix Curls the best Biceps Workout

Crucifix Curls With Dumbbells

Crucifix curls are a great way to build up bicep size. The exercise targets the biceps and is also effective at strengthening the forearms.

The steps for performing seated crucifix curls with dumbbells are as follows:

  • The bench seat has a vertical position
  • Feet solidly on the ground for a stable stance
  • Sit upright on the seat
  • Lifting dumbbells off the floor to your knees, then from your knees up to the start position
  • Lower your arms so that they are parallel with the ground, and then push up from the ground, arms stretched until they’re at eye level
  • You can lower your dumbbells until they are parallel to the floor then straighten your arms.
  • Contract your biceps and raise the dumbbell back to a 90-degree angle.

Triceps and Biceps workout routine

Here is a quick biceps and triceps workout routine that you can follow.

ExercisesSetsRepsRest TimeNotes
Close Grip Bench Press4845-60 Secs
Kick Backs31530 Secs
Crucifix Curls31530 Secs
Incline Curls4845 Secs
Single Arm Dumbbell Preacher Curls41045 Secs
Single Arm Supinated Pushdowns31530 Secs
Skull Crushers31045 SecsSupinate at top of each rep

ExercisesSetsRepsRest TimeNotes
Rope Pushdown5845 Secs
Weighted Dips4860 Secs
Alternating Dumbbell Curls5860 Secs
Cross Body Hammer Curls5845 Secs
Neutral Hammer Curls41245 SecsFor stimulating Brachialis
Drag Curls41245 SecsSupinate at top of each rep


These exercises are not from some workout Bible that you have to follow to the very core. You can innovate and improvise your form. It all depends on how far you are willing to go.

How hard do you want to achieve your goals?

Don’t make it too hard on yourself. Take it slow and gradual, stop judging yourself with numbers mentioned on weights.


Before you undertake a new health program or fitness regimen, we encourage you to discuss
your plans with a health care professional, especially if you have not exercised for several
years, are over 35 years old or are overweight.

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